Recently you’ve no doubt heard a lot of opinions and thoughts on the role of Artificial Intelligence in various fields and careers. Writers and Actors in Hollywood are striking over the use of AI in creative work like television and movies, specifically for writers against the use of AI to create scripts and actors against using AI to use their image to create endless derivative works (all for no additional money, to add insult to injury.) The uses of AI in creative work and in porn are already well known, with apps designed to create nude images based on fully clothed images you’ve uploaded, and voice resampling apps that can make any voice say literally anything. And since we know humans will absolutely use any creative tool you hand them to be naughty, we even already have an Artificial Girlfriend being subverted for dirty talk! What is the role of Artificial Intelligence in Sex Work? Our podcast hosts have opinions about this, and you should listen and learn!

The Weekly Hot Spot brings in guest commentator Alice Little to talk about AI in Sex Work.

The Weekly Hot Spot with Erika and OliviaMistresses Olivia and Erika are the hosts of the Weekly Hot Spot, and they bring their brand of sexy irreverence and deep intelligence to everything they do. With guest Alice Little, a Legal Sex Worker, Sex Educator, and Intimacy Expert, they delved into questions of Artificial Intelligence and Sex Work, from the point of view of Sex Workers affected and affected by the use of AI! What follows is a riveting half-hour discussion on the use of AI (or, as it’s becoming known in the creative world, plagiarism software) in erotic fields, and the need to set strong boundaries now around the sometimes unethical and illegal uses of this technology. Give a listen to How Will AI Change the Adult Industry and then leave a comment about your thoughts!

Whore School with Ms. Harper also touched on Artificial Intelligence in Sex Work!

Whore School with HarperThe Whore School format is a little more loose, and runs for an hour, with active commentary from the live audience in the Community Kink chatroom during the broadcast. Nonetheless, Ms. Harper delved into what AI actually is, how it works, and how it could be used in Sex Work. And why it won’t be used in any content creation going forward! Touching on the ethical concerns with the use of Artificial Intelligence in Sex Work, the main conclusion drawn was that unless that use was under the creative control of the individuals featured in the output, any use of AI to simulate other people in erotic or intimate situations is unethical, subverts consent, and is just plain wrong. At the end, I, Harper, ask that listeners and fans going forward NOT use my voice, image, or writing in any AI training. Listen to Episode 357 AI and Sex Work and let me know what you think.

There’s even a company-wide stance on AI.

As you know, Mistresses Erika, Olivia, and I all take calls and sessions for distance domination and phone sex through LDW Group. As a result of the intrusion of AI into sex work, our company has directed and instructed all Mistresses to NOT use any AI for content creation. No bios, no essays, no blog posts, no audio scripts, nothing at all is to be created with the use of  AI. The reason for this has very little to do with ethical or legal concerns, which may surprise you. Instead, the reason we’re directed away from the use of this technology is that everything created with AI winds up rather bland. Boring, even. The style of something created with AI sounds like corporate marketing speak, with a thin veneer of Standard American English best practices on top. None of it is distinctive, interesting, or surprising. And for the kind of high-end sexual experiences and interactions you may be wanting from us, AI is the opposite of what we are! We are distinctive, interesting, and yes, surprising. That’s what makes us so damn good.

So, AI in sex work?

Nah. None of the content you’ll find on any of our platforms will ever be created by or with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Every bit of what we present for you has been crafted by individual human hands and minds and will bear the unique and indelible stamp of our own distinctive voices. And we do ask that fans of us not make use of AI to take over that content creation from us. If you really want an audio clip of your favorite Mistress saying specific phrases, you can pay her directly to make something for you. We’ll happily write for you, record all sorts of dirty phrases for you, and we’ll even add sound effects! Skip the unethical AI pipeline and buy your erotic content right from the source.

Your Definitely NOT a robot Mistress, Harper

xoxo, Harper