So, after about 4 weeks of developing my own podcast, I thought I would come on here and share my unparalleled professional opinions (tongue firmly in cheek). But with the experience of starting a podcast with resh eyes from a complete novice did give me a bit insight into some of the genuine intimacy and authenticity that this project has the potential to create, and I wanted to share with you some thoughts on how to deepen your own relationship with your mistress.


Allow Me to Introduce Myself


Quick sidenote: How many of you guys also cannot here that opening phrase without your brain singing “My name is HOV” and hearing that beat drop? Just Me? Okey dokey, moving on.

Intelligent Phone Sex Calls Mistress Becky (800) 601-6975 I make boys cryMy name is Ms Becky. Hopefully some of you are very intimately acquainted with me, and those that aren’t, here’s to changing that soon, yes? I just recently started KINKology: the psychology of kink podcast on, and I wanted to share some thoughts with you now that I am about a month into the process. When I tell you I am having a great fucking time with it, please trust in that. But beyond just being a pretty fun gig and a platform to showcase my brilliance, I really have begun to reflect on some of the differences in who I am and how I show up on KINKology versus how I show up in sessions or when playing. And it really has me stoked about the possibilities for deepening intimacy, increasing authenticity, and solidifying the bonds that I have with my sweet subbies… even the tiny cocked ones (Don’t you guys love how I always go out of my way to include you?).

When I am putting together an episode of KINKology I am able to structure it based on the topic I want to discuss, and able to impart to you the exact thoughts that I want to leave you with in a way that is very familiar to me. I think a lot of you guys tuning in are going to hear the excitement in my voice discussing some of my (other) greatest passions. And it’s not a side of me that I purposely keep under wraps in sessions, mind you. It just when I have you where I want you, face screwed up in pleasure or pain my attention drifts elsewhere…usually in a direct line done to my sweet little kitty, who purrs so happily when she has you where she wants you. But the context of sessions is a specific space with specific needs, drives, motivations, right? And the space in which I create with you as my audience in KINKology has its own distinct needs, drives, and motivations as well.



Peeling the Onion: The Layers of Intimacy


Intelligent Phone Sex Calls Ms Becky 1-800-601-6975 OnionWith KINKology I am sharing my years of experience as a therapist in an effort to provide some genuine support regarding psychology and how to wrangle its secrets for our own well-being, while also getting to play, to be outrageous (which I LOVE, btw), talk about sex and domination, and generally just hold court on a stage of my own making. The Becky that you are getting is not essentially more authentic as much as a side of Becky that doesn’t always show up, right? On KINKology I find myself speaking to my audience from a personal and intimate perspective. I get to make all my corny jokey jokes, pack in my one liners, and in general, do whatever the fuck I want for those 30 minutes. And what has happened is that I am seeing a different side of myself and creating stronger and more authentic relationships with my submissives. And I know that my audience is getting to know me, the real me, at a deeper level that the context of sessions sometimes allows.

All this to say- I really want to encourage you guys who crave true intimacy and authenticity with your mistress to really make an effort maximize on all the different ways to know each other. I don’t pretend to know how every Mistress/sub relationship dynamic plays out but my many, many years of experience both in the scene personally and professionally lead me to conclude that many of us have very real, authentic, loving and caring relationships with each other. My submissives are my friends, my lovers, my fuck toys and… just mine. And I am really excited to be able to show you a bit more about who I am, and hopefully likewise encourage you to open up and show me all the different sides of you as well, spilling all your deepest secrets to Mistress. Every nook and cranny, if you will. And podcasts isn’t the only way to do this as well. Many mistresses maintain a social media presence and play on line. Most maintain a blog with articles and their own writing as well. Sessions with your Mistress are great, and definitely serve to bring you close to her. But don’t discount the value of immersing yourself into the spaces that she can show up a bit differently too.


Obligatory Self-Promotion Shout Out


You read the headline- its obligatory! Don’t blame me, lol. But I did want to share a little bit about what KINKology means to me and how I envision it unfolding. The bulk of the show will be focused on a topic that meets at the corner of kink and something related to human sexuality or the human experience. It is the space where I can bring my therapist background, my skills, and my love for supporting people as we all travel together in this confusing, wild, exciting, terrifying and awesome journey together. I find a lot of personal value in pouring myself into people- which is probably one of the ways that I became so attracted to the dominant lifestyle. The podcast itself will always try to give you some support, guidance or yummy tidbit that can be utilized in both vanilla and spicy contexts- and it can be a little heady, so any of my fellow kinky nerds want to swing by, I got you covered. Feel free to come geek out with me.


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