Did you miss the Full Body Tease Task from Harper? If you did, you missed something really special, but don’t worry, you can still enjoy all the benefits of being a cock tease (minus the cock!) The extra special assignment calls for you to set aside some special time to tease yourself… without touching your dick! Do you have what it takes? Or will you break, and wind up wanking anyway?

A little tease is good for your soul, I always say.

Full Body Tease Harper 800 601 7259Life is stressful, and can be upsetting. This is why a little self care can go a long way towards helping you feel fantastic and happy! When you start to find yourself feeling run down and flat, that’s your cue to take some time to do something extra nice for yourself. The Full Body Tease is an excellent way to reduce your stress and create a moment of relaxation. A gentle massage, or touch therapy across your skin can do wonders for your endorphins, resilience, and ability to heal from minor wounds and illnesses. Plus, the full body tease is all about slowly ramping up your desire and lust until you simply can’t take it any more, so it’s a win from multiple angles! Listen to the podcast audio, and, if you like it, give me a call!

Your Tease Mistress, Harper

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Full Body Tease Task

by Ms. Harper | Femdom Podcast