Do you know about the cuckold fetish? Are you a fan of Whore School? You should be! Whore School is an adult sex education podcast helmed by Mistress Harper since 2016, with over 300 hour long jam packed episodes, and recently Mistress Harper took to the internet airwaves to talk about the cuckold fantasy, and how it intersects with, and in some cases dissects and reconstructs, the patriarchy.

That’s right, this isn’t your normal run of the mill ‘what is a cuckold’ experience, this is a socially left, radically feminist educational podcast about the cuckold fetish. What else did you expect from an educated, liberated, dominant woman like Harper?


Mistress Harper defines some terms.

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Whore School is deeply educational, and remains committed to bringing awareness of sexuality and gender to a wide audience. As such, when discussing fetishes or gender expression, Mistress Harper starts by defining terms. In this case, the term ‘cuckold’! The word first appears in a poem from 1250, and is commonly meant to refer to a man who has been unwittingly betrayed by his wife, who has gone off and fucked another man.

For the Cuckold Fetish, however, the husband or boyfriend is often very aware, and very into having his wife or girlfriend fuck other men. Sexual fetishes often take very taboo or embarrassing events and transform them into sexually gratifying fantasies or events. Cuckoldry is no different!


There’s a lot of kinds of cuckold out there!

Cuckold Fantasies Spice Up Your Sex Life 800 601 7259From the ‘Alpha Male’ who wants to watch his wife be desired by other men, and ‘rescued’ as he sweeps in to reassert his masculinity, to sissy cuckolds who really get off on being humiliated and demeaned by a superior men, cuckolds take a lot of different permutations. You can already see the bones of the patriarchy showing through, in the idea that a man might enjoy watching other men desire his wife.

Keep an eye on those phrases, the “his wife” shows you how he values her role in his fantasy. For some cuckolds, the woman is there merely as a warm sock for other men to desire, while her true utility remains solely the husbands’. Other cucks do break down the patriarchal fantasy a bit more, and allow the woman in their fantasy to have her own motive, desires, and will.


Mistress Harper likes to shove the patriarchy’s face in.

When you call for a cuckold fetish scenario with Mistress Harper, be prepared for that radical feminist to come out, and shove the patriarchy right in the deep end. In a Harper Cuckold Fantasy, all women have desires and needs, and act on those desires. You might be the sort to get off on watching other men fuck your wife, but your wife loves it more than you do, and would happily cuckold you even if you didn’t enjoy it at all.

It’s a good thing you get off on it, since she’s absolutely going to go find herself a real man to give her what she needs. And no, darling, she does not need to have you come swoop in and ‘rescue’ her, ruining all her fun! Your wife is no longer a pre-warmed fleshlight type object to be passed around, she’s a fully realized person with desires and needs of her own, and if you’re very lucky you might get to watch.


The cuckold fetish mixes and matches with other fetishes!

Combine the cuckold fetish with other desires for a really rocking good time. One of Harper’s favorite ideas is to get to kick her panties towards your face, while her lover is making her feel amazing. What do you do with those panties? Do you sniff them, like a panty sniffer?

Do you put them on? Do you beg to suck her lover’s cock to get him hard for Mistress Harper? Does the idea of being cuckolded make you so embarrassed that you’re hard? There’s so many ways to play with the cuckold fetish, and to combine it with other scenarios in amazing and intensely sexually gratifying ways!


Interested in exploring the cuckold fetish?

Call Mistress Harper, because she loves to rant about the patriarchy and feminist theory, while making you jerk off and beg for more! Come admit your cuckold fantasies to her, and learn all the ways this fetish can make you really glad you called!

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