What happens when a naturally dominant woman discovers that her boyfriend has a foot fetish? If that woman is Experienced Mistress Olivia, you shouldn’t be surprised that discovering his kink means she has even more power over him. You can listen to the Femdom Podcast audio here or read it on Mistress Olivia Makes Cuckold Lick Cum Off Her Feet. Check out all the sexy blogs on CuckoldBootcamp.


Femdom Podcast Mistress Olivia Makes Cuckold Lick Cum Off Her Feet 1-800-601-6975Ms Olivia decides to explore and see just exactly what the promise of a footjob can make him do. First, he must always lick cum off her feet. Then, she gets him to agree to be her cuckold. But wait, there’s more … find out what happens in the Femdom Podcast audio below.


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Ms Olivia



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Hear What Happens When Mistress Olivia Makes Her Cuckold lLick Cum Off Her Feet

by Mistress Olivia | Femdom Podcast