Brand new and hot off the microphone from Ms. Harper, the podcast version of her very popular Sissy Tradwives post on the Sissyville blog, is here to tickle your eardrums and titillate your sissy sensibilities. Clocking in at just over five minutes, enjoy this free audio offering from one of the premier voices of the Enchantrix Empire!

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Whore School is the best in live adult sex education podcasts, with over 360 hours worth of episodes for you to enjoy anytime on demand. Learn about facets of sex, sexuality, gender, and gender expression that you’ve always been curious about, and remember: an educated lover is sexy!

Lovers of erotic voices can commission an audio!

If you have a script ready and waiting for the perfect voice to bring it to life, consider hiring Harper to record it for you. With a script, the turnaround time is very quick; from receipt of the script to finished audio in your headphones, it is usually just under five working days (closer to three!) Remember that it’s roughly 100 words per minute, and the general cost per minute is $5 dollars. Check the Erotic Audios price page for more. Email to inquire.

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Hot and fresh in the Erotic Audio store this month, Harper Says Stroke For Me is a ten-minute guided masturbation and stroking instruction audio that you’re sure to enjoy. Once you’re tired of all the free voice samples and audios that are a little too PG-13, try the fully explicit audios for sale in the store. We guarantee you’ll enjoy your purchase.

Erotic Voices, Erotic Calls

As always, you can call Mistress Harper for a one-on-one session by phone, text, or Skype. Explore all your fantasies in real time with the compassionate and intelligent mind of Harper and a voice sure to make your cock drip. Check out her blog, too, and you’ll be amazed at what you can find there! Head to Fetish Phone Sex Blog today.

Your Audio Mistress, Harper

(PS, talking in the third person is surprisingly tricky!)XOXO, Harper