For sissies, sometimes finding tips and tricks for feminization can be difficult. That’s why I like to feature little things that sissies can do to bring their A game to the feminization and sissification fetishes they enjoy so much. A recent episode of my Adult Sex Education podcast Whore School (Sissy Femme Life Tips) focused on the small things that sissies can do to subtly increase their femme behavior out in the real world. Some of these sissy tips will pass un-noticed by others, while others might get you clocked. Give the hour long episode a listen and see if you can apply any of these to your life!

Sissy Tips

Listen to “WS 378 Sissy Femme Life Tips” on Spreaker.

Whore School airs every Sunday evening, live, from 11 pm to midnight Eastern, and you can join in by jumping in the Community Kink chatroom! The interactive nature of the live show is a big part of what makes it so much fun. Ask your questions and get feedback in real time. You can also email me with questions and show topics any time, just drop me a line to Harper@enchantrixempire (dot) com.

Sissy Resolutions For The New Year

Did you make any sissy resolutions for the new year? I resolutely maintain that there’s no need at all to make resolutions only at one part of the year, so if you’re feeling the need to strengthen your resolve going forward, there’s no time like the present. Check out my recent post on the Sissyville Blog! Sissy Resolutions has my top three tips for making resolutions for sissies (and you can easily tweak them if you’re not a sissy.) In fact, check out the back catalog on the Sissyville blog, there’s a lot of excellent sissy related content over there, and if you haven’t found that blog yet, you’re in for a treat. Hours of excellent reading, and also adorable sissy audio content, too!

Looking For More Sissy Audio Content?

Have you considered joining our Get Girlie forum? That’s right, we have an old school BBS based forum for sissies, and it’s been up and running since forever (revamped in 2008 but the boards have been there since Enchantrix was founded!) I know, “yet another social media site?!” I feel you, I don’t want to join another social site either. But this isn’t ‘social media’ the way modern sites have gotten us all accustomed to. No ads, no algorithm, no feed of related content, none of that bullshit. Just the forum, with real people, posting their sissy dreams and desires, sharing sissy tips and tricks, and the Mistresses who love sissies sharing audios and our expertise, too.

Make 2024 Your Year of Sissy Exuberance

There’s tons of ways you can bring a little femme and sissy energy to your everyday life. Bring the feminine into 2024 by resolving to live your truest and best life, and then take my sissy tips: grab yourself some scented lotion, tinted lip balm, and swap out your men’s cut tees for women’s cut tees! Trust me, you’ll feel super girly but most people will never ever notice. Want to be a little more daring? There’s pale pink lipstick, mascara, perfume, and even (gasp!) wearing a femme necklace with your usual masculine attire. Listen to the podcast, join the forum and enjoy the hours of femme audios there, and of course, for individual help with your feminization, give me a call!

Your Sissy Tips And Resolutions Mistress, Harper

XOXO, Harper